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English ArcheAge Skillcalculator

Postby admin » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:21 am

Hello ArcheAge fans!

We proudly present the newImpact Skillcalculator

A number of members of the german guild "Impact" and one member of the Archeage-online.de community have helped to create it. Ranging from programming, through information collection, to translate, edit and control. Now, a skillcalculator has been created, which should be quite accurate. Remind, that we make no guarantee that it is flawlessly and if you notice mistakes, you may report it here, in our Forum, or via PN to me, so we can improve the talent calculator and also keep him up to date.

We will also equip this calculator with experts who update the trees after each patch, so it's not just the latest, it's also also the most recent calculator that even beat the Russian and Korean calculators.

Also, there are reference values ​​in the form of base damage, mana cost, scaling and range. These values ​​are based on a level 50 character who is naked and unskilled. The damage value of a skill is calculated from the specified Base damage adding the scaling (attack power or spell power) and, sometimes, the combo. After you choose your 3rd tree, the inoffical korean-translated classname is deployed.

The Skillcalculator is optimized for Firefox and Chrome. If you use IE there might occur errors.

This Skillcalculator is a community project and has been emerged in cooperation of some Impact Members and members of the AAO community. All contained informations in the skillcalculator are translated from the korean version.

All values ​​are based on a Character on level 50 without passive skills or equipment (naked unskilled character).

We give no guarantee for accuracy and completeness of the given informations!

The basic structure of the planner has been taken over from AA-O to save time and to place a higher focus on the translation.

I do really hope you enjoy.

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