ArcheAge Staff & Player Goes Crazy

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ArcheAge Staff & Player Goes Crazy

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I was going about my day until I read a very interesting article featured on a lot of South Korean gaming websites. Apparently, an XLGAMES staff member cussed out a player telling them that they can not have their account back. The player came prepared and recorded the whole conversation which is split into part1 and part2 which my South Korean followers may find very amusing. Long story short, an ArcheAge player was hacked about 150$+ worth of stuff and was trying to get his account back. He phoned XLGAMES and went to their office but said they couldn't help him. Eventually, the whole thing blew up and they ended up cussing each other out, incoming DRAMA!!! While the debate goes on the article now has over 400+ comments and is going up fast. Interested in knowing more about this crazy drama? No problem, I am bored and got some free time to translate.

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Okay, it's story telling time! As many of you may know, South Korea is pretty strict when it comes to game registration and such because it requires their social security number. This event all started when a player was happily playing ArcheAge then was suddenly hacked. He tried to phone the ArcheAge support team but was told they could not do anything for him. Huh...? Which doesn't really make sense lol. Anyway, he offered to give his personal information, KSSN, pictures, and everything so that he can get his account back. XLGAMES staff still refused. Eventually, the man said that he will go to the main office so that he can talk to the manager in charge. The staff member said not to come to the office and that they can not help him. The player was so upset that he decided to visit the office anyway and brought along a recorder so that he can bring to light the poor support that the company has to offer.

Apparently XLGAMES is starting to lose customers due to this incident and this event has gone viral. All the guy wanted was his account back. Is it that hard to give back or roll back a players account? Even if the man was being abruptly rude is this the kind of service he deserves? These are the kind of questions that are constantly being asked and debated by the article featured here which now has over 400+ comments by the community.

Now moving on to the next phase, once the player arrived at the XLGAMES building he was told to stand in a corner, not sit but to stand. After standing around for no reason they still told him that he will not be able to get his account back. The player being frustrated ended up being more upset and started raging, then the staff member replied with rage. It's pretty much like you're playing League of Legends and the other team provokes you with such words that you have to fight back. Some say that staff member was unprofessional and stuff.

The battle continues fiercely!~! Just kidding, a day later XLGAMES wrote an apology letter saying the person that the player was arguing with was a security guard. They also said that player was trying to kick down the door to get into XLGAMES building. This sparks up the heated battle even more because we are hearing a totally different story. The community is saying that XLGAMES is trying to cover up the event. What is the truth?! Will we ever find out? It's a very amusing article but it wouldn't have blown up this big if the player just got his account back lol, plus he did have his credentials so what was the problem? The article mainly because viral because of the conversation and the cuss words thrown back and forth. Of course, there are different versions floating around the web but this gives you guys a general idea of the event.

Personally, I've had my share of crappy GM support back in the previous Closed Betas. It happened when I was trying to record the whole process on creating and building a Galleon Big Ship from scratch but was harassed by a couple of players that were abusing a bug, cussing us out, and trolling us. All the GM said was sorry, they didn't bother removing them from the area nor checked what was going on. The video below clearly shows them abusing the bug, the players didn't get banned for a day or two either. Anyway, I suppose it all depends on what kind of person you get. During the Open Beta one of my crafting materials for my house disappeared, a GM gladly replaced it for free. I hope Trion Worlds can provide better support than Korean version of the game. Anyway, ArcheAge is a great game it just has very poor customer service. I am pretty sure that most of the NA players may feel the same way about certain publishers that have poor customer service also.

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