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Trade section rules

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:16 am
by admin
Trade section rules:

1. Do not advertise in other users threads

2. Do not comment prices of other users services

3. Do not sell bots for any games without Admin's permission.
(for permission to sell bots you can contact KuRIoS - site administrator)

4. Do not make comments about one user's service in another's thread
(example: "your service is so much cheaper/more expensive than that other one", "this guy is better/worse than your service" etc)

5. Do not double advertise (only one thread per one item)

(example: one thread for selling guild, one thread for sor/raf, one thread for powerlvling and boosting, one thread for gold selling etc - you are allowed to have maximum of 3 threads)

6. Do not advertise your services as "Cheapest", "Best", "Fastest", "Most reliable", "Beating everyone's price" etc

7. Do not make comments about service / leave feedback if you haven't purchased it.
(example: your service sux because I can easily do it myself)

8. Do add skpe button to your thread (always!) so potential buyer / seller can add you on skype by clicking on it, to avoid imposters.

9. Do not advertise your site outside of Legendary Trade threads
(you can only advertise your site inside the legendary thread and in "legendary thread tittle" - not in the thread tittle itself, nor in the username)